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*** Latest Programming Additions! ***


SPECIAL EFFECTS MAKEUP – Special Effects Artist will discuss her background, how to be certified in SPFX (get a job), secrets behind building a cosplay label and makeup company, special SPFX techniquest that you won’t learn in school, secrets behind a successful haunted house and bringing SPFX to the community.
Casey Kaki. Sat Noon-1p, Avondale 4


DEVELOP A CHARACTER VOICE -- Author's Sharon Skinner and T.M. Williams are known for 'listening' to their characters. How has this helped develop memorable characters that pop off the page? It's important that characters stand out but don't become cliched. (Unless that's what you're going for) Join the discussion on what makes a memorable character unique, real, and why it's important that your MC isn't the only one the reader remembers. You'll also get to hear which characters gave these authors the most trouble and why it worked out for the best.
Sun 2p-3p, Avondale 3. Sharon Skinner, T.M. Williams


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